Things A New Player Should Know About Simcity Buildit

If you are playing Simcity Buildit for the first time then there are few things that you must know at the first place. The most important thing that you must know is that the game and its features are very easy to follow and play. You do not have to be an architect to build a perfect city but just the basic knowledge will be enough. Most of the instructions are given onscreen which are an easy guide to the game and its approach. Only thing that you require is a bit of calculation and budgeting and above all perseverance and patience as this is a waiting game altogether.

Best Played Online

You will see it for yourself that Simcity Buildit can be best played online as it has several advantages over offline gaming.

  • Your progress is automatically updated and saved in your playing account so that all your hard work is not wasted and conveniently log in later on.
  • You are kept updated with new contents, features, improvements and it also provides you with chances to getgreat deals.
  • When you play online you can also get gifts and bonuses not only while you are working in your city but also while visiting your friend’s cities.

Easy And Interesting Features

simcity buildit game

The features in Simcity Buildit are not only easy to operate but are very interesting and intriguing as well.

  • You can give your city a name that you prefer. You simply have to go to the settings and choose ‘Change city name’ to personalize your city.
  • The name of your city is shown in the Global Trade Headquarter where your friends and others visit to trade their goods.
  • You can look into the activities of your citizens by zooming in, panning by a single touch, tap and hold to move your buildings and do many such interesting things.

Earning The Resource

These are the currency and resources that are required to build, upgrade and advance in your game. To earn this currency you have to keep your citizens happy at all times part from using simcity build it cheats.

  • Simoleons are the taxes that your citizens’ pay in return for the services and benefits provided by you that they enjoy in your city.
  • SimCash is earned as bonus for the achievements of your city and you can get it right in your mansion and can be used to speed up things a bit.
  • Golden keys are priceless treasures which cannot be bought but only obtained by completing cargo shipments or by facing disaster challenges.

Features Of A Perfect City

The game has all the features and assistance to help you build your dream city. You will be the creator, manager and destroyer all rolled in one of your own city. To keep your city thriving with happy citizens paying you the required taxes which is your primary source of income you have to provide them with useful facilities. Your city must have houses in proper place, far away from the polluting factories and well covered with the service utilities. Industries and commercial hubs for producing goods and trading must be kept within the city along with several parks, entertainment arenas and much more.


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